Campaign 2017

After the completion of the long-scale survey in 2016 we started with excavations at the structure of El Tuweina. The trenches in building 1 and 2 showed that both of them date to the Late Meroitic Period, and some of their wall structures are contemporary to each other. Although we cannot ascribe functions to these parts of the structure – several newly found mudbrick walls in the courtyard of building 1 hint to a more complex architecture – we interpret the whole structure as a seat of a big man. The red painted plaster and the huge amount of cattle bones as well as some small finds of fayence hint to an elite context.
Especially the function of the building 3 is still a problem: the architectural concept of these rooms is comparable to storage rooms, while the stratigraphical record rather indicates their residential character.

Funding: Grant from the German Research Foundation (DFG); Qatar Museums Authority

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