Campaign 2019

We carried out archaeological investigations in the building features 1, 2, and 3. Inside the open courtyard (feature 1) we did surface clearings, complementing the already finished geophysical prospections. These prospections enabled us to detect several wall structures immediately below the today’s surface. According to the results of the archaeological surface clearings as well as the geo-radar prospections, we excavated 10  trenches in the south-western, southern, and eastern part of the courtyard. Hitherto unknown mud brick as well as stone walls were documented here. Within building feature 2, different food preparation facilities (similar to those already discovered in 2018) were excavated: One cooking or barbecue installation made from a secondarily used vessel, one “Steinplatz” barbecue installation, and a small basin lined with stone slabs. At the smaller rooms in the northern part of building feature 3, additional trenches were carried out in order to clarify the internal chronology and function of these rooms.

Funding: Qatar Museums Authority

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