El Tuweina

This feature is located in mid-Wadi Abu Dom and thus in an entirely different topographical situation. The three structures in the ruins of El Tuweina are clearly distinguished from each other; for now, they are designated simply Object 1 (remains of low walls), Object 2 (the mound with walls), and Object 3 (a second mound with covered walls). The visible remains of Object 1 suggest a walled enclosure, perhaps with a rectangular plan ca. 33 by 33m. The hypothetical northern part of this enclosed area is at present not visible. Inside there are remains of installations, some built up against the wall and others freestanding in the courtyard.


Object 2 is defined by a small mound oval in shape, but the wall to the west has been entirely destroyed by bulldozing. The building might have once been a dwelling with a storage room.

Object 3 is an irregular mound which was created by destructive bulldozer activity. At present no doorway can be located; perhaps the structure was a silo that was filled from the roof. The chronological succession of the various structures at El Tuweina is unclear; C-14 data provides a basis for dating the erection of the complex during the late Meroitic era.